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SportsHi Scholarship


SportsHi is a platform that connects student athletes with colleges, and in turn allows colleges to help identify potential scholarship athletes. They partnered with NBA superstar Andre Drummond to offer a $5,000 scholarship and our challenge was to create and execute an engaging video concept featuring Andre announcing the winner of the scholarship, Sydney-Reese Harris. This video would then be leveraged via Andre through his TikTok channel where he has more than 220,000 followers.

SportsHi Scholarship


TikTok requires a unique perspective when it comes to brand execution - what works on almost every other social platform can often fall flat on TikTok. We attacked this from the perspective of asking ourselves what Andre's audience expects from his channel and combined that with understanding and insights we've come to learn about SportsHi's demographic. The end result was a video that utilized Andre's sense of humor and inherent love of music, along with his passion for helping the next generation realise their dreams through education.


The video generated more than 22,000 views on Andre's TikTok channel, close to 3,300 likes and 230 odd comments. Andre loved the video so much that he also decided to share it via his Twitter and Instagram handles giving SportsHi over and above value from their partnership. The video also played a major role in the earned media that SportsHi was able to generate from the scholarship winner announcement, and which in turn has helped SportsHi obtain further high-profile partnerships.