Our Work

SportBLX Digital Campaign


SportBLX offers the general public the ability to purchase shares in quality thoroughbreds for racing and breeding purposes. They offered shares in Triple Crown aspirant "Max Player" and our challenge was to ensure that, leading into the first leg of the 2020 Triple Crown, the offering obtained as much reach as possible, via traditional and non-traditional marketing channels.



The production of high quality, engaging, and informative video content and still assets were our first step. That, combined with a targeted digital and CRM campaign, utilizing our knowledge of sport and racing audience segments, as well as our network of influencers, was the backbone of the campaign's success. Once that was established, our understanding of how a targeted PR and Media campaign can work to support and maintain momentum, was essential to capitalizing on the groundwork that had been established in the weeks leading into the days prior to the Belmont Stakes.


With less than $15,000 in marketing spend, a six figure investment was achieved for Max Player via both accredited and non-accredited investor channels.