Our Work

Digital Wagering Show – bet365


Create, produce and deliver a bi-weekly, wagering focused, sports betting digital zoom based program for bet365's social channels, to continue to help establish bet365's social presence and cultivate their organic audience.


With our network of talent at our disposal, BOC brought in some fantastic names to help bring a name factor to the show, including NFL Hall Of Famer's Andre Reed and Terrell Davis, as well as former star USC running back LenDale White. Combine that with regular panelists Hailey Hunter and Mark Zinno, we created a program that had an NFL and CFB segment every episode, plus a third rotating sport depending on the calendar of events, again leaning into our contacts and adding a rotating expert for that third sport each ep. Teaming up with the US based bet365 social team, the digital show was formed, with a variety of segments that have aimed to not only engage audiences, but also leverage key marketing opportunities for the b3t65 team to help drive handle - connecting onsite promotions and offers, using talent to bring those to life and enhance their appeal.


A steady uplift in audience has occurred as the content continued to build momentum throughout the football seasons, but perhaps the most appealing numbers for the business have been the tangible results from the uplift in bettors playing targeted offers that have been promoted in the content. Consistency, combined with leveraging of the talent's own social audiences have been the keys to this success and the result has seen bet365 look to do more in this space even outside of the football season.