Our Work

Bet365 Super Bowl


Bet365 is the world’s largest online sportsbook, but ahead of Super Bowl 2022, the European-based operator was live in only one U.S. state. In order to drive brand awareness in the biggest emerging market for sports betting, Bet365 recruited BOC to create a series of engaging video pieces that could be utilized across its channels in the lead up to the NFL Championship game.


Branded content allows a brand to tell, not sell, and is a crucial marketing tool utilized by sportsbooks in mature global markets.

BOC employed former Buffalo Bills and Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Andre Reed to tell his inspiring story of being part of the only NFL team to ever make it to four straight Super Bowls.


From a one-day shoot in Los Angeles, BOC ideated, filmed, produced, scripted and edited 5 individual pieces of branded content, including a larger hero piece.

Each video resulted in exceptional reach and engagement, and the hero piece alone attracted hundreds of thousands of views across Bet 365’s channels in the U.S., U.K., Mexico and Australia.