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2022 FIFA World Cup – bet365


The biggest sporting event on the planet, the FIFA World Cup, is always going to be an important opportunity for any sportsbook, and that is heightened when you have multiple global markets like bet365 do. Both Canada and Mexico are relatively new markets for the operator and BOC is in a prime position to be able to help leverage such an iconic event by creating premium branded content for both of those markets. So, bet365 commissioned us to do exactly that as part of their global content strategy for The World Cup.


We took different approaches for both markets...for Canada, the had only ever been to one previous World Cup, so BOC scouted down several of the members from that 1986 squad to create multiple pieces around their amazing journey some 36 years ago, as well their thoughts on today's heroes of Canadian soccer. Then, for Mexico, BOC created a Spanish language piece that focused on three high profile talent, including Mexico's most capped player Claudio Suarez, and brought them together for a sit down chat about everything around the World Cup in Qatar, including the Mexico National Team's chances, their star players, the story of the veterans of the team, as well as general World Cup thoughts around who could win the tournament - resulting in a series of in depth discussions.


With some 35 individual video pieces delivered, BOC's content helped generate almost 3 million in views across the two key markets, the Spanish language content proving particularly popular amongst Mexican soccer fans.